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We are a small family operated breeder and simply adore french bulldogs! They are the clown of dog breeds and make great companions. They don't bark alot and need very little grooming; and they love to sit and snuggle! All of our dogs live in our home with us and are showered with alot of love and affection! We despise puppy mills! We encourage you to come out and see our dogs any time! We hope to see you soon!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

We Are Happy to Announce......

That tonight, Delphina & Moto Matchi gave birth to 8 happy & healthy babies! 5 are brindles, 2 are brindle/white pied & one is pure white!  These beautiful puppies will be ready to be adopted approximately in the middle of October 2011!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Please Help Us Welcome Our New Addition!

We recently welcomed a new addition to our Frog Frenchie Fun Family! Please help us give him a very warm welcome! This is our new chocolate boy from Germany! He is an absolute sweetheart! He is a snuggler and is very playful and is having a blast with his new kennelmates!

We Are Happy to Announce......

That our pregnant mommies have all had their puppies! All mommies & babies are doing fantastic!

First up was Miss Xena & Mr Moto Matchis Puppies born 06/27/11.  There are 3 boys and 1 girl and will be ready for adoption aprox. in mid-august!
Newly born 

Baby Girl 

Baby Boy 1

Baby Boy 2

Baby Boy 2

Baby Boy 3

Next up was Miss Estella and Mr Spikes puppies who were all born 07/07/11.  There were 2 sweet lil girls.  They will be adoptable aprox. end of August/early September.  

Stella with Little Baby Girl Steph

Stella with Baby Girl Geeze Louise

Newborn Little Steph

Newborn Little Geeze Louise

Little Steph

Little Geeze Louise

Momma Stella with Little Steph

Next came Miss Mookie & Mr Bushkas Puppies on 07/20/11! 7 beautiful babies! 3 girls and 4 bouncing baby boys! These pups will be adoptable aprox. in Mid Sept.  Please note that 2 of the baby girls are already sale pending - so the only female in this litter currently available is the little white/tri colored girl :)  

And finally, born 07/21/11 was Miss Little Bit Blue & Mr Moto Matchis Puppies! 9, yes thats not a typo lol 9 beautiful babies born! 6 boys and 3 girls! WOW!  Little Bit Blue is our hero!  These beautiful exotic blue puppies will be ready for adoption aprox.  mid sept. as well.  Please note that this litter is an Exotic Colored Litter.

Miss Patti welcoming one of the newborns into the world

Very Proud Momma Miss Little Bit Blue

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Coming Soon!

We are very happy to announce a few pregnancies around FFF!!! We are very excited to see all of these precious pups arrive throughout the summer!!!

XENA was mated with MOTO MATCHI and their pups will be due to arrive around the end of June! 
Xena is our chocolate pied girl that arrived here from Hungary last summer and this is her first litter so we are very excited to see what puppies her and Moto Matchi have created!!!


Moto Matchi

ESTELLA was mated with SPIKE and their pups will be due to arrive around Mid-July! Estella was born with a beautiful big heart shaped spot on her back here at FFF and this is her first litter! We cannot wait to see these precious little pups!



MOOKIE was also mated with BUSHKA again! Their last litter was super cute and we cannot wait to see these sure to be adorable pups arrive around the end of July!

Mookie Monkey

Their previous litter of puppies

LITTLE BIT BLUE was also mated again with MOTO MATCHI.  Their last litter was adorable as well and we cannot wait for these sure to be super cute Exotic Colored Litter of BLUE babies to arrive around the beginning of August!

Little Bit Blue

Moto Matchi

Their previous litter